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Businesses are in dire need of new, engaged, and committed employees! Carolina Career Fair wants to make that happen! It’s time to get your message out to the masses. “WE’RE HIRING!” Stop screaming it from the rooftops and let Community Broadcasters help you in your search. We are bringing together businesses from all over South Carolina to find the perfect candidates for you and your business. Pick your venue and let us find you the #1 employees in South Carolina! Carolina Career Fair – Your Choice, Your Chance, Your Career!

The Carolina Career Fair will be held at 3 locations across Florence, Sumter, and Orangeburg:

If you're a JOB SEEKER, touch up your resume, put on your best business casual, pick your location and find your next job is at the CAROLINA CAREER FAIR!


How do Businesses sign-up?

Email any of our Marketing Managers in any market about your interest!

Florence: Wayne Mulling | [email protected]
Sumter: Ray Handel | [email protected]
Orangeburg: Haley Gulley | [email protected]

OR give us a call!

Florence: 843-678-9393
Sumter: 803-775-2321
Orangeburg: 803-536-1710

How To best Present Yourself To Businesses At Carolina Career Fair

Here are some resources we recommend reading on how to build the perfect resume for you; as well as, some tips and tricks to help best prepare you for the Carolina Career Fair! Each entry has been thoroughly vetted by our staff; and we strongly recommend the advice listed below!

1. 10 Steps For Building a Resume

2. What to Put On a Resume

3. What to Wear to a Job Fair