The world we live in is regularly afflicted with immorality, but perhaps the most prominent of these is the human trafficking trade that is rampant across the world, even in our home state of South Carolina.

If you want to be a part of the solution, tune into Live 95, WDXY, or NewsTalk 97.1 on July 28th at 9 AM for The Hidden Pandemic – Human Trafficking in South Carolina on Wake Up Carolina hosted by Ken Ard with special guests Glenda Skipper, Sheriff T.J. Joye, Sherry Smith, and others. Together, we can successfully eradicate this evil.

Check out Glenda Skipper's Bio Below!

"My name is Glenda Skipper; I am the wife of Dr. Stephen Skipper. We have four children and three beautiful granddaughters. I am the Founder/CEO of a 501(C)3 nonprofit called ONE CHILD AT A TIME, founded in Jan. 2018. We educate in schools, churches, hospitals staff, and other Civic Organizations.

Our mission is to eliminate modern slavery one person at a time to prevent human trafficking through education, rescue trafficked individuals through intervention, and restore human dignity through affirmation.

I have a Master's in Human Services Counseling: Crisis Response and Trauma from Liberty University. I am a Board Certified Human Trafficking Investigator through McAfee Institute. I have spent time in the slums of Mumbai, India, in their red-light district, where I saw first-hand what bondage looked like for women and girls as young as 8. I also spent time in a red-light district located in Phnom Penh Cambodia, That's where I discovered it is easier to educate our children on preventing human trafficking than it is to rescue them. We partner with Homeland Security, all local Law Enforcement agencies, and ICE. We believe when the community gets involved, trafficking is reduced! One Child At A Time has educated over 9,000 children in Florence /Darlington area for the past three years. I believe together; we can eradicate this evil from our community."