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Corona Virus:  A Virtual Town Hall in South Carolina Part Two!

With the Corona Virus that is sweeping world wide, it has created much fear, concern and un-answered questions from the citizens of our cities.   With un-answered questions, come even more questions,  not knowing who to turn to, what to prepare for, what is the worst that could happen, and how does it affect me?

Due to the concerns everyone has, Community Broadcasters, in conjunction with many of our State, County, City and National Leaders will be bringing to Central SC (The I-Corridor), PART THREE 3-Hour Virtual  "Open Mic“ Town Hall on May 21st from 4pm-7pm. on WFRK, WDXY and WTQS--Hosted by Former Lieutenant Governor Ken Ard,  host of the WAKE UP CAROLINA show.

We will feature National Leaders, State Leaders and Medical Experts to answer your questions and take your phone calls live on air that night for 3 full hours.  The entire show will also be carried on Facebook LIVE world-wide!

We will be on-air Thursday May 21st, 4-7pm. As well as, on FACEBOOK LIVE on LIVE95's Facebook page at the same time.

Call in with your questions at 843-661-0937 or comment during our Facebook Live stream to have your questions answered live!